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20 Jan 2021
Saddest News

SACC today received this sad email from Ann Woodbridge´s son   I am Maurice, one of Clive Woodbridge's sons. I am writing to let you know the sad news that Ann Woodbridge, Clive's wife, passed away yesterday evening after having contracted Covid at... [ Read more ]

20 Oct 2019
Council rules and regulations

We have been asked by the Council to make you all aware of the rules and regulations for use of the Woodbridge Oval(listed below). We have reproduced the relevant information here, leaving out any specific 'golf related' rules. We would be grateful i... [ Read more ]

19 May 2018

Please pay your subscription before the next game  it is only 45 euros but if not payed you will not be selected [ Read more ]

02 May 2017
ECCL Rules - 1st XI and 2nd XI

Below are the rules for the ECCL 1st XI and 2nd XI Leagues ECCL Divs 1 & 2 & Madrid League Part 1 - 2017.pdf ECCL Div 1 Part 2 2017.pdf ECCL Div 2 and Madrid League Part 2 2017.pdf ECCL MATCH REPORT.pdf [ Read more ]